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Great things begin with the safety of one girl

Make a difference in the life of a young girl. Sponsor her safety today.

Women need your help to remain productive members of society

Help us empower women in disadvantaged communities to fight back against abuse.

We also have the right to feel safe

But we can’t feel safe without you.

Endorsed by Annie Lennox

“I think this is an excellent initiative and I heartily endorse and appreciate what the team at the Stay Safe Self-Defence Roadshow are doing.”

STAY SAFE, a registered NPO, is a self-protection and empowerment training initiative for girls and women. Endorsed by singer Annie Lennox, STAY SAFE is a credible organisation, drawing big corporate sponsors such as local retailer Shoprite.

To date, this life skills programme has empowered more than 200 000 primary and secondary school learners with the practical skills of general safety and self-defence. In 2014 Shoprite agreed to the sponsorship of the STAY SAFE Women’s Roadshow for a contractual period of 18 months. This equipped more than 1800 women from previously disadvantaged areas with the practical skills of self-defence.

STAY SAFE is captained by Sanette Smit, author of The South African Woman’s Guide to Self Defence, a respected karate and self-defence practitioner with 40 years of experience. Sanette has dedicated her life to the empowerment of girls and women. She has conducted thousands of interviews with rape survivors over the years and has concluded that women need to be educated in terms of rape prevention and self-defence instruction. South African women want to fight back, they just need to be taught how to.

The STAY SAFE team of eight highly trained and experienced female self-defence practitioners is dedicated to the empowerment of women. On 13 January 2016 STAY SAFE was registered as a Non-Profit Organization (NPO), with an NPO No.: 164 -259, as well as a PBO No.: 930053306.



Schools Safety

The Schools Safety Project is a life skills programme that is age-adapted to accommodate learners from Grade 1 to Grade 12. Although project is currently based in the Western Cape and the team travels to the schools requiring the training, the programme is available to all South African Schools.

Stay Safe Women’s Roadshow

The Stay Safe Women’s Roadshow, a programme aimed at teenagers and women, conducts self-protection training to address the ever-increasing violence against women in the country.It equips girls aged 15 and upwards with the necessary tools to defend themselves.

Special Needs Programmes

Children and adults with special needs are some of the most vulnerable people when it comes to violence and abuse. In fact, special needs children fall into the top five categories of children who experience the highest rates of abuse. These self-defence empowerment programmes are aimed at them.

Train the Trainer

The Train the Trainer project is aimed at training young and enthusiastic trainers and facilitators to run self-defence training courses and workshops in their own communities. A comprehensive Train the Trainer Manual has already been compiled to cover all aspects of instruction from voice command, presentation and interpersonal skills.

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